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What is the I Wish Alumni Circle ?

The key for I Wish is to create a sense of community among girls in STEM and especially to leverage the momentum from the girls who were previous attendees at I Wish who are willing to play their part and "pay back" as they attend university and start work. I Wish would like to maintain a connection with these girls. We have now developed an Alumni Counsel to develop the long-term goals of I Wish with the help from the girls that attended I Wish events and are now on their own STEM journey through college and on into industry.

The I Wish Circle offers many ways to stay in touch.

  • Attend our alumni and student events to connect with old friends and new.
  • Become a mentor and share your knowledge and experience.
  • Get involved with our I Wish Showcase Events.
  • Keep in touch via Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know how you’re doing today!

The I Wish Circle are a network of dreamers and doers

Meeting the WiSTEM society in UCC was like getting that feeling I  felt when I walked into city hall 2 years ago. I feel like I belong and people will believe I can do engineering even though I’m a girl, I feel encouraged again like I did in the first place when I went to I Wish even though everyone kept trying to tell me I wouldn’t be good enough because I am a girl but after listening to how successful these women were at I Wish I wanted to prove them all wrong”

First Year College Student UCC- I Wish Alumni

I went to I Wish when I was in 4th year, I went to the I Wish Campus Week in CIT, I spoke on the Alumni Panel at the I Wish event in City Hall representing WISTEM CIT and after that I am set on engineering ”

Kate Brady, WISTEM CIT – I Wish Alumni

The I Wish Circle are taking on 21st century challenges like climate change, poverty and disease. They are working on front lines of innovation and leading innovative global companies. Their commitment to shaping the future does not just end with their professional work, The I Wish circle makes an impact on the future through their connections to other I Wish Alumni. As volunteers, advocates and role models they play a vital role in the I Wish mission to educate the next generation of leaders.

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I Wish 2020 Alumni Panel

Check out our Alumni Panel from I Wish 2020 here

I Wish & Park Place Externship Programme

Amy Dolan of UCC and Emma Brennan of CIT were fortunate to win the I Wish Park Place technologies externship to Cleveland Ohio in August 2019.

I was lucky enough to take part in the Park Place Technologies I Wish Alumni externship which has really sparked my passion for encouraging young women to study STEM “ Amy Dolan UCC & I Wish Alumni

For as long as I remember I was interested in STEM, getting the opportunity to go on the I Wish Park Place externship just confirmed for me that I want to pursue a STEM career” Emma Brennan CIT & I Wish Alumni

Details COMING SOON on our Summer Externship 2021

This opportunity is open to anyone who has participated in the I Wish event in the past and want to stay connected with the female STEM community.


Winners will receive the following:

  • Airfare to Boston, Massachusetts then to Cleveland, Ohio then back home, to Ireland
  • 10 Days of STEM “hands on experience” at Park Place Technology
  • $500.00 in spending money
  • Accommodations and meals
  • Sightseeing in Cleveland, Ohio and Boston, Massachusetts


Application process:

  • Apply through the application form below
  • Complete application
  • Send completed applications to Kate Coulson at: kcoulson@parkplacetech.com


  • This program is only open to College students
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and Third or Final Year of University
  • Must have attended I Wish events
  • Must have a passport to travel to the US
  • Application deadline To Be Confirmed


If you have any questions, please reach out to Kate Coulson. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Kate Coulson | Recruiter/University Relations Manager

Main 877-778-8707 | Direct 440-947-5349

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