Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

What is I Wish?

I WISH is a community committed to showcasing the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths to teenage girls. We run outreach activities, mentorship programmes, TechForGood laptop donations, further education programmes and showcase events reaching a global audience.

Inspiring & motivating young female students

STEM can change our world - help us harness the power of thousands of girls to shape a better world.

Solving the world’s problems through STEM

We have so many world problems to solve – food shortage, climate change, healthcare problems and infectious diseases.These will be solved through STEM.

Showcasing the power of STEM through our outreach activities

Showcase events, Campus weeks, Mentorship programmes, TechForGood programme,
Internships, Externships, Alumnae Circle, Primary programmes and so much more.

I Wish 2022

February 10th 2022
Watch Live now!

I Wish 2022

February 10th 2022
Watch Live Now!

I Wish 2021 Video

I Wish Informing My Future



100% of participating teachers would attend an I Wish Event again


87% of girls agreed that STEM is a growing area of opportunity


81% of girls wanted to know more about STEM


80% identified I Wish as an important source of information on STEM careers

I Wish Insights 2020

Here is what our speakers, students, sponsors and I Wish Alumnae said at our 2020 event.
This Video is kindly Sponsored by Arup


Dell Technologies have strongly supported IWISH since its foundation – we see it as a terrific way to showcase at scale, the opportunities and role models that exist in STEM, at a crucial time for girls when they are making subject choices that will impact their future careers.

Marie Moynihan Senior Vice President & Global Talent Acquisition Dell Technologies


I really thought your panel of STEM careers and how these individuals got to where they are professionally was really great. Their personal stories of what they did and what they learned as they went through their journey was also valuable. It gave the students a sense that career paths are not always straight and one does not always know their trajectory.  



Absolutely fantastic, thank you for everything you do! You are inspiring so many young women to do what they aspire to.

TY Student