Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes

What is I Wish?

I WISH is a Volunteer led community committed to showcasing the power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to female secondary school students. It is a Showcase event run over 4 DAYS in Ireland where to date we have hosted 22,000 girls from 26 counties, we welcome over 300 teachers per year, 25% representation from Deis Schools complimented by the largest survey of girls in the country.

Inspiring & motivating young female students

STEM can change our world - help us harness the power of thousands of girls to shape a better world.

Solving the world’s problems through STEM

We have so many world problems to solve – food shortage, climate change, healthcare problems and infectious diseases.These will be solved through STEM.

Showcase events and so much more !

Showcase events with interactive exhibitions, Workshops, daily keynotes. Also check out our Campus Weeks and Alumni Circle.

I Wish 2020 Video

Here is what happened at our last event
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I Wish 2021

March 4th 2021

Registrations Open

March 4th 2021



85% of girls said that I Wish is an important source of information about careers in STEM.


86% of teachers said they were better able to advise students on STEM and STEM careers following I Wish.


83% of girls that attended I Wish agree that role models are an effective way to inspire them.


49% of the girls that attend I Wish tell us that they would like a job helping other people. STEM can change the world we live in and solve real world problems.

I Wish Insights 2020

Here is what our speakers, students, sponsors and I Wish Alumni said at our 2020 event.
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Dell Technologies have strongly supported IWISH since its foundation – we see it as a terrific way to showcase at scale, the opportunities and role models that exist in STEM, at a crucial time for girls when they are making subject choices that will impact their future careers.

Marie Moynihan Senior Vice President & Global Talent Acquisition Dell Technologies


The students were exposed to more options outside of their experience. To see choice and what’s available out there is always of value. Especially when some of our students come from areas where they feel choices are limited



I Wish opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities

TY Student