I Wish Surveys

Over the past number of years, we have gained some valuable insights which gives us the information we need to encourage girls to explore Choices, Chances and Changes delivered through STEM and to challenge our engagement with this next generation of leaders. There is still work to be done to address the information gap and STEM perceptions. The I Wish surveys have given us the opportunity to better understand what influences and motivates these girls. Armed with this information we have a responsibility to use it to support their future. Check out our Survey Reports below.

Some Key Emerging Survey Statistics *2020 Survey


93% of teachers ranked self-belief in the girl's ability as a major challenge to the promotion of STEM


85% of girls say they would like to know more about STEM or STEM careers


Where students attend three or more STEM events 30% will take at least two STEM subjects compared to 20% where they attend two or less


86% of the girls agreed that STEM is a growing area of opportnity