University College Dublin is one of the largest and best established centres of learning in Ireland.

The first I Wish Campus Week took place in 2020 in UCD led by Patricia Maguire Professor in the school of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science and Phil Smyth.

During the week the students participated in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Maths, Online Security and Space. The overarching themes of every interaction with the students was accessibility and opportunity. They wanted to highlight the multiple routes openly available once completed. They highlighted the appropriate champions in each topic area so that the students could picture themselves in similar roles.

If they can see it, they can be it ” Patricia Maguire UCD

I Wish UCD  Campus Programme  Dates TBC

Do you want to live the STEM dream for a week? Now is your chance!

The I WISH Campus Week at UCD is an interactive 5 day hands on programme that will allow you to immerse yourself in all that is great in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) via applied and practical interactive workshops, site visits and demonstrations.

You will gain insight into the real lives of people working in STEM and see first hand how exciting they actually are. You will take part in applied STEM workshops, experience STEM applications in Industry via site visits and interact with STEM professionals and current graduates.

Registrations are currently closed.