CIT Campus Week Winner

Congratulations to Mary Moloney and Norma Welch who ran the CIT I WISH Campus week last week. Over 100 students attended to what was described as a jam-packed week full of inspiration for these young girls. This was a 5-day hands-on programme which allowed the girls to immerse themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Congratulations also to the winner of the Blog Competition Julie Monahan from St Angela’s Secondary School. We are looking forward to Julie joining us at I WISH 2018 events in Cork City Hall which opens this Thursday.

Here is Julie’s winning blog :

“Girls in STEM: A Life No Less Ordinary”.

Growing up with a grandmother who was one of the first female dentists of her generation, women being equal to men was never a problem. Anything was achievable as long as I was willing to work hard but as I got older and entered my school life I realised that this wasn’t the case for every girl.

I vividly remember shouting at the boy who sat next to me in Junior Infants for saying I could never be an astronaut because that was a ‘boys job’. Not the best way to handle the situation I admit but I still believe my heart was in the right place. Moments like these subconsciously created a glass ceiling in my head which was only reinforced by the difference in subject choices offered by my single-sex school compared to my best friends’ mixed school.

Society has come such a long way from my grandmother’s time, a time where science wasn’t offered in girls’ schools, but there is still a long way to go. I never considered a career in STEM but now the possibilities are endless.

The CIT IWish programme set up for young women has changed my perspective on life for the better.