TechForGood Programme


The past year has exposed the profound digital divide that exists. Many homes have no devices like laptops, while some households share a device and, as such, a girl’s engagement with technology can be limited. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technologies, the impact of the digital divide is far-reaching.

Park Place Technologies and I Wish have come together to help drive the power of STEM to female students in Ireland with our TechForGood Programme.  Over the next year, we will be donating reconditioned laptops to female students who have limited or no access to technology.

I Wish and Park Place believe that technology is a right, not a privilege and we are firm believers that no girl should be left behind. We wanted to make a difference, and so the I WISH & Park Place TechforGood programme, which is advocating for equal access for all, was born. This zero-waste recycling initiative bridges the accessibility gap by providing recycled laptops to female students who may have problems accessing technology.

A teacher must apply to the TechForGood programme on behalf of the girls in their class. If successful, the teacher can decide which girl or girls will receive a laptop, perhaps by running a competition within the class (that will be entirely up to the teacher).  Once you (teacher) let us know the name and address of each of the successful girls, we will send a laptop directly to her at home.

Please complete the following to apply:

TechForGood Programme