We have been involved with I Wish since its inception in 2015 where the I Wish showcase event started out here at Cork City Hall with just 1,000 girls. We are delighted to see this important initiative for young female students grow in scale nationally and we are very proud to be a part of a plan that will position Ireland with the strongest talent pool and harness the power of the next generation of young women

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive, Cork City Council

I personally and Arup have had the pleasure of being involved in I Wish for the past 5 years.  It has become a very important and enjoyable part of the Arup calendar.  The impact the conference has on the thousands of transition years girls who attend each year is immense.  Their enthusiasm, curiosity, optimism and hunger for all things STEM is infectious and overwhelming in the best way.  On a personal level it gives me an annual boost and an injection of renewed pride and energy for my chosen career. Increasing female participation in STEM careers is a critical business need and I Wish is such a special opportunity to feel like you are part of a movement that is making a difference.

Oonagh Reid, Associate Director Arup


I Wish is simply amazing – it brings exciting futures in tech to life for young women in ways that are inspiring, relatable and tangible. I absolutely love I Wish!

Brenda Romero, Romero Games


Dell Technologies have strongly supported IWISH since its foundation – we see it as a terrific way to showcase at scale, the opportunities and role models that exist in STEM, at a crucial time for girls when they are making subject choices that will impact their future careers.

Marie Moynihan Senior Vice President & Global Talent Acquisition Dell Technologies


I loved every bit of the I Wish event . As always a fantastic event. I particularly enjoyed the exhibitors as I made more of an effort to engage with them myself – before now I would have been going around encouraging the students to engage



Meeting the WiSTEM society in UCC was like getting that feeling I  felt when I walked into city hall 2 years ago. I feel like I belong and people will believe I can do engineering even though I’m a girl, I feel encouraged again like I did in the first place when I went to I Wish even though everyone kept trying to tell me I wouldn’t be good enough because I am a girl but after listening to how successful these women were at I Wish I wanted to prove them all wrong

First Year College Student


The students were exposed to more options outside of their experience. To see choice and what’s available out there is always of value. Especially when some of our students come from areas where they feel choices are limited



I did an independent survey of my TY students after I Wish and the feedback was that it really made them realise the many different career options that are available in STEM and made many of them think about a career in this area where they might not have considered it before



I Wish opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities

TY Student



What the Students and Teachers Say

*I Wish 2019 Survey Stats


Of teachers said they were better able to advise students on STEM and STEM careers following I Wish


Of girls said they did not know about STEM


Of girls agree that STEM is a growing area of opportunity


Of girls said that I Wish is an important source of information about careers