Blessing Folayan

Consulting Analyst, Digital Health, Deloitte,

Blessing graduated from UCD with a B.Sc. in Radiography in 2021. As part of this programme, she underwent clinical training across five hospitals and acted as Vice President & Secretary of the Radiography Society, UCD Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, and Access Program Volunteer showcasing an early commitment to leadership, mentorship, and inclusivity within her field. Separately, she also conducted research on ‘Job satisfaction in private sector Radiography’ evaluating factors that have a positive correlation to job satisfaction and staff retention, of which she presented her report and findings in front of her colleagues at the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists conference in 2021.
Blessing’s interest in organisational behaviour, operations, and innovation for a functional healthcare system led her to completely shift career towards digital health and social care consulting at Deloitte in 2022 where she supports the team in various digital transformation projects across the health and social care industry. Since starting in Deloitte, she has made a significant impact providing front-line clinician insight for our senior health clients to support their decision making. Blessing also recently supported the team in developing a regional digital health strategy and roadmap for one of the new upcoming HSE health regions (previously known as Regional Health Areas). She was also nominated as Female Stem Graduate of the Year 2023 at the inaugural Women in Stem Awards in recognition of her achievements to date.
While balancing project commitments, Blessing also plays an active role with Connecting Women in Technology, SOLAS, and Junior Achievers Ireland social impact initiatives partaking in mentorship activities for both young females in STEM and disadvantaged communities across these organisations.
Blessing is a keen problem solver. She has demonstrated her technical skill in her taught profession of radiography which deals with complex medical physics as well as human anatomy and physiology. In her time as a radiographer, she worked to ensure safe and diagnostic images were taken for each patient while  escalating medically suspicious and potentially dangerous findings to the relevant physician. Blessing’s healthcare experience and exposure allowed her to hone in on digital health as a vehicle for change in healthcare. Since joining Deloitte in September 2022, she has worked as an analyst in this space delivering solutions for clients in strategy and implementation. Currently her role involves simplifying and presenting data to help answer some of our senior health clients’ biggest and complex challenges.
Her passion for science and interest in healthcare position her as a uniquely equipped problem solver in the healthcare industry.