Louise McGrath

Staff Engineer, Biomedical Engineering, Analog Devices, 1

Louise Mc Grath is a staff engineer working within the Digital Healthcare Unit in Analog Devices. Despite working as an engineer in her current role, Louise is a chemist by training. She studied Chemistry with Forensic Science in University College Cork from 2010 to 2014. During her undergraduate degree she fell in love with electrochemistry and decided to pursue it further. In 2014 she started a research internship in the Tyndall National Institute with Dr. James Rohan, where she worked on an industry-based project looking at electrodepositing different materials such as copper, nickel, and gold onto silicon wafers. After gaining valuable experience during the research internship, Louise decided to pursue a PhD where the work involved the creation of microbatteries (millimetre-sized batteries) for sensors to be used for the “Internet of Things”.
During the course of her PhD, Louise found a passion for scientific communication, and completed over 40 different STEM activities. Her achievements were recognised by her research centre, and she was awarded CONNECT’s Education and Public Engagement award. Due to her love of scientific communication, she decided to change her career trajectory and went to work in Eli Lilly and Company as a Global Scientific Communications Associate. In this role, she was in charge of writing papers, conference abstracts, and various other media to present Eli Lilly’s Oncology clinical trial results.
Louise decided that her true passion was electrochemistry and started working for Analog Devices in August 2021. Since 2021, she has worked on creating and developing biosensors for various healthcare applications. This role involves working with people from various different backgrounds: physics, biology, chemistry, and various different types of engineers such as mechanical and electronic. In addition to her role, she is heavily involved in STEM and community-based activities, all of which are supported by Analog Devices.
Outside of work, her passions include martial arts such as Kuk Sool Won, hiking, travelling and gaming. She is an avid rugby fan, and plays on the local Analog Devices tag rugby team.