Victoria Uí Fhaoláin

Technologist, Carelon Global Solutions, 1

Victoria Uí Fhaoláin's tech journey began in Uganda at age 12, where she penned her first lines of code. Home-schooled in Uganda, East Africa, her early passion for technology set the stage for an exceptional engineering career. She continued studying different languages as part of her home-school curriculum, she studied Visual Basic and Java. She moved to Minnesota when she was 15 where she attended a Secondary School that offered college level data structures and algorithms courses which allowed her to continue her studies. At 17, Victoria joined SPS Commerce's team of site reliability engineers, propelled by her NCWIT Aspirations in Computer Science Award win in Minnesota. Balancing work and study at the University of Minnesota, she graduated at 20 with a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Arabic Language and Literature, showcasing a unique blend of skills. Venturing into the professional realm, Victoria contributed significantly at Flashpoint, a business risk intelligence start-up. There, she extracted dark web data, offering companies vital insights for proactive cybersecurity measures. After two impactful years, Victoria relocated to Ireland, joining Carelon. This move cemented her reputation as a versatile and forward-thinking technologist. In the vibrant tapestry of Victoria's journey—from Uganda to the USA, navigating academia and industry, and finally settling in Ireland—the thread of determination and versatility shines through.